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TSFAT: City of Kabbalah & Spiritual Excellence

TSFAT, SPLENDOROUS CITY OF PASSIONATE YEARNING. A mere two obscure references to her exist in early Talmudic writings. Cryptic and hidden, she has nonetheless attracted those destined to plumb and reveal the mysteries of Torah for the world. Rarely called by name, she exerts her influence quietly on those who understand her preciousness, as she gently prods them higher against the worldly current. So why call attention to her now? Because she is calling out, “Awaken from your slumber! Have you forgotten? A beautiful and magnificent inheritance awaits you! But you must first believe, then search with a pure and hopeful heart.” Exuding an unexpected and faint familiarity, her cobblestone alleyways are conducive to enlightenment—yet it must be stubbornly sought out. She beckons you ever higher—to utilize atrophied spiritual muscles to actualize the pregnant potential of the sacred. Sitting beneath the heavenly throne, source of all souls, her fullest expression will remain untapped until she is reunited with Am Yisrael. A realized deed forms an imprint not only here, but forges a template on high. It generates a force field not only of tendency and potential, but a promise of realization as well. The brief tenure of the Arizal in the holy city of Tsfat fused heaven and earth as deed actualized vision—possibility conquered reality. So fruitful was this time that we are destined to attain these spiritual levels and soar beyond. The key to redemption is to believe not only in its possibility, but prepare ourselves to go beyond our highest aspirations. Since after all, the final redemption is a gift of unconditional love. ♦

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